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Small Business from Scratch

Our three-part Small Business Course is jam packed with education, information and inspiration for starting, growing, branding and building a successful small business... because YOU CAN DO IT!

The eCourse offers three modules:

1) Small Business from Scratch

2) Social Media from Scratch

3) Selling and Shipping Products & Perishables

*Plus membership in our private M5 Entrepreneurs small business community included in any course package!


The Course

Small Business from Scratch

After 20 years of starting profitable small businesses we have gathered all of the most valuable information, guidance and advice on how to actually make a living by starting and running a small business from scratch - without requiring a lot of outside professionals. With a strong foundation and doing things right from the start, and by learning the tools to do these things yourself we believe that YOU can do it too. This course is a roadmap to lean on anytime you need strategy or guidance in growing your small business, it’s self paced and you’ll have unlimited access to all of the content and material.


small business by the Lesson

Chapter 1 : Mary’s Story

Chapter 2 : Your Story

Chapter 3 : Finding Your Niche

the fundamentals

Chapter 4 : Price Point & Need

Chapter 5 : Formation

Chapter 6 : Insurance

Chapter 7 : A Name

Chapter 8 : A Plan

Chapter 9 : Start Small

building blocks

Chapter 10 : Funding

Chapter 11 : Website

Chapter 12 : Selling

Chapter 13 : Subscribers

Chapter 14 : Sales Tax

Chapter 15 : Just Do It


Chapter 16 : Pop Ups

Chapter 17 : Employees

Chapter 18 : Fulfillment

Chapter 19 : Shipping

Chapter 20 : Swag

Chapter 21 : Printing

Chapter 22 : Branding



Social Media from Scratch

Social Media is one of the most powerful tools to build your small business - and it won't cost you anything more than your time and commitment. It’s powerful and effective if you know how to share your content creatively and use the algorithm in your favor.

There are a lot of different platforms out there, but this course focuses mainly on using Instagram - a powerful platform to share your story and sell your product or service to grow your business.  Instagram is the number one social channel right now for selling a product or service.

This course includes everything from getting your business account started, how to grow, tools to help your content, what to post, what to avoid and how to use this platform to grow your business and create income.


Social Media Course ~ by the Lesson

Getting started

Chapter 1 : Tell Your Story - by SHOWING Your Story

Chapter 2 : Commitment for Success

Chapter 3 : How to Grow your Audience Authentically

Chapter 4 : Your Profile Components and How to Make the Most of Them

nuts and bolts

Chapter 5 : Gear & Apps to Make Your Content Pack a Punch

Chapter 6 : Hashtags and How to Use Them or Organize Content and Grow

Chapter 7 : Cross Posting - How to Make Your Life Easier!

Chapter 8 : Know Your Audience and What to Provide 

Chapter 9 : Posting with a Purpose 

Chapter 10 : Reap the Rewards to Monetize

instagram tools

Chapter 11 : Instagram Stories - The Best Tool to Monetize!

Chapter 12 : Go LIVE - Connect with your Audience

Chapter 13 : IGTV - Instagram's Secret New Tool

Chapter 14 : Highlights - Organizing for New Followers

how to

Chapter 15 : What To Post - A Formula for Your Feed

Chapter 16 : Timing - When You'll Find the Most Success

Chapter 17 : How To Push When You Need To for a SALE

Chapter 18 : Algorithms and How to Make Them Work For You

content and engagement

Chapter 19 : Understanding Engagement & Stats

Chapter 20 : Content Ideas & What Not To Do

Chapter 21 : Logistics for Post Performance

Chapter 22 : Replying and Messaging Shortcuts

Chapter 23 : Influencer Marketing & Relationships

Chapter 24 : Media Kits & Pitching Your Story

Chapter 25 : Conclusion

*Social Media glossary

*guide to instagram insights


Selling & Shipping Products

*(including perishables)

Shipping opens up unlimited avenues to sell your product- it is not easy, but it can be done. I have spent the last five years researching and testing the best products, insulation, packaging, shipping services, third party automations and carrier relationships and finally I am confident shipping perishables (the most difficult kind of product to ship!) from our small ranch to customers all over the country efficiently and affordably.

In this course, I share all of these tips, tricks, sources and relationships with you to shortcut the process and have you shipping in no time! It’s not easy to navigate but with these tools… YOU CAN DO IT.


sELLING & SHIPPING by the Lesson

Chapter 1 : eCommerce

Chapter 2 : eCommerce Platforms

Chapter 3 : eCommerce Site Design

Chapter 4 : Search Engine Optimization / Website Inner Workings

Chapter 5 : Pricing Your Product

Chapter 6 : Supplementary Products and Gear

Chapter 7 : Free Shipping versus Shipping Charges in Small Business

Chapter 8 : Creating a Return Customer Opportunity

Chapter 9 : What to Consider When Shipping

Chapter 10 : Getting Organized

Chapter 11 : Know What You Are Shipping

Chapter 12 : Packaging Options and Where to Source

Chapter 13 : Branding Opportunities in Shipping

Chapter 14 : Shipping PERISHABLES (*plus opportunities for group discounts on materials and ship rates!)

Chapter 15 : Labels and Printer Options

Chapter 16 : Shipping Carriers

Chapter 17 : UPS

Chapter 18 : FedEx

Chapter 19 : USPS

Chapter 20 : Other Carriers

Chapter 21 : Third Party Automation

Chapter 22 : Fulfillment Strategy

Chapter 23 : Packing Slips

Chapter 24 : Packing Strategy

Chapter 25 : Systems and Assembly Lines

Chapter 26 : Tracking Your Shipments

Chapter 27 : Recovery Options for Lost Packages

Chapter 28 : Return A Box Program Options

Chapter 29 : Customer Service Strategy

Chapter 30 : Following Up

TOOLBOX: Rate calculators, Shipping Rates Club, Automation & Vendor Connections


You Can Do It.

"“I’m passionate about small business and I love to share my passion and knowledge with others. I’ve been starting small businesses my whole life, in many different arenas from restaurants to service businesses to our ranch today.

There are so many tools out there to start a successful business from scratch yourself, without having to hire out. I’m thrilled to share my knowledge and tools to help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Because I know - “You Can Do It!”

— Mary Heffernan