"I had spent a good deal of time on my own learning about business formation and growing my business idea, but attending Mary's business course was the best investment in the business I've made. I bet the course will save me hundreds of hours and frustration trying to figure out various details on my own AND it provided a peer-to-peer learning network where I can learn from other talented women who are also ag entrepreneurs. I left the course feeling inspired, supported, and ready to take my business to the next level."

- Kali, Seed & Gather


Felton Angus Beef, Montana

Mary is the reason we can ship beef from our Montana ranch! After months of research, hundreds of questions and thousands spent on packaging, we shipped our first box of beef. It was a disaster. I reached out to Mary at Five Marys Farms for help. She graciously offered her knowledge and expertise. Solved our shipping issues in one short conversation. I am forever grateful for her willingness to pay it forward and share her secrets.

Mary is blazing a trail in small business success. Her shipping solutions alone are worth far more than the investment in “Small Business from Scratch”.

When Mary offers insider guidance and instruction on social media, selling and shipping products and perishables, be the first in line! Mary’s success speaks for itself and yours will too.”

  • Susie Felton


Ballerina Farm ~ Kamas, UT

“This was my second event at Five Marys and as always it exceeded my expectations. I was surprised and impressed with the pace of the course and the quantity of relevant content, this is what made the investment more than worth it. Not a “retreat” for those looking to relax and spend time shooting the breeze, an intensive is a good description!

Mary has an energy and passion for agriculture and small business which fueled us all during the course. Not only did we cover everything a small business owner in agriculture should know, there was an immediate sense of camaraderie within the group.

Now that I am home I not only have the course in my back pocket, but also Mary and 14 other women who are willing to help me figure it out!

I feel prepared and ready to take Ballerina Farm to the next level as a successful business!”

- Hannah Needleman of Ballerina Farm


High Sierra Sheep Company

Mary's Small Business from Scratch eCourse is the perfect way to jump-start your business. I always knew I wanted to be a small business owner someday but never had the tools or knowledge to say GO... after this class I can say I now have what I need to go all in!

Mary's teaching style and kindness helped me feel comfortable to ask the questions and participate in all of the discussions (and boy were there a lot of them!).

Her passion for small business and small business owners shined through in every way. I will be forever grateful to Mary and her A-team for my weekend spent in Fort Jones.

Eddie & Niki Hammerich at High Sierra Sheep Co