“Small Business from Scratch” is a complete course full of valuable content, education and resources covering every step involved in building and growing a profitable small business.

complete small business COURSE - all three modules ~ $2500

Early Enrollment discount = $2250

PAYMENT PLAN 3 payments of $750

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Small Business & Social Media ~ $2200

Early Enrollment discount = $2100

PAYMENT PLAN 3 payments of $700

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Small Business from Scratch ~ $1900

Early Enrollment discount = $1800

PAYMENT PLAN 3 payments of $600

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Social Media from Scratch ~ $1200

Early Enrollment discount = $975

PAYMENT PLAN 3 payments of $325

* * * * * * * * * * * *

m5 Entrepreneurs community

*Included in any course, but can not be enrolled individually


The investment - the same as 1 college class

Enrollment in the courses is an investment for the entire complete three-part course and community membership or a la carte modules.

Considering the average price for a college unit is $546, making a 4 credit class $2,186, the cost is about the same as a college class.

But what you will gain in this course is a breadth of practical knowledge to give you every tool you need to see your business goals and dreams realized in a short amount of time as all courses are self paced.


the savings - don’t need to hire out

By investing in the Small Business from Scratch course, you will learn tools to create your own website in a weekend - and have the flexibility to update it whenever you want to add products or photos. You’ll learn how to create your own logos and business cards and brochures, how to make social media templates, how to define your branding look-and-feel with brand specific fonts, colors and palettes for a consistent look across all of your business. You’ll learn about the easiest programs for things like running payroll, shipping automation and contacts to help you solve most small business obstacles on your own.


the connections - pay for the course

We’ve spent five years researching and perfecting shipping products from our small town all over the country. The connections we help you make with vendors and group shipping rates are will be the ticket to make shipping approachable and affordable.

Two small business owners we’ve mentored in the last year report they save thousands of dollars EACH MONTH in shipping costs thanks to the information we share in this course. That means the course pays for itself 12 times over in the course of a year.

time savings - get your profitable quickly

We know your time is valuable and this course is packed full of information, but in an easy to navigate and approachable way to help you absorb the knowledge and tools and to be able to take them and run with them as soon as possible to start building and growing your business or taking it to the next level of profitability and efficiency. From a brand new aspiring entrepreneur to a seasoned business owner - this course has valuable information to help you reach the next level in small business.