Our Small Business Workshops are a great option for those who really need a “boot camp” style boost to kick things into gear! They are 3-day intensive workshops covering some of the material in all three modules of the course, plus hands-on training for things like building your own website on Squarespace and using Adobe Illustrator for graphics and brochures. You must already be registered for the course and have worked through the material prior to attending the workshop so we can focus on developing your business branding, strategy and implementation.

We work hard to gather a group of women with similar goals for their small business and most tend to be focused in the agricultural arena. We are open to all stages of your entrepreneurial journey from just starting out to a seasoned business you’d like to grow. (The online course however, applies to ANY SMALL BUSINESS in ANY ARENA!)


*You must already be registered for the “Complete Small Business Course” (all three modules).

*Please fill out this short questionnaire so we can ensure your current or aspiring business will be a good fit and will benefit more from the workshop in addition to the course. We will notify you shortly after submittal (may be 1-5 days). Once accepted, you will be sent a link to register for the course.

Spaces are limited and an invitation does not guarantee a spot in the course until the reservation has been secured online.


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